Springtime arrives with gorgeous blooms, blossoms, pollens & allergies for humans & our Dogs too

Think about how close to the ground their eyes, noses & ears are! They’re constantly sniffing & breathing in everything

I am overwhelmed by how many fluffy dogs I’ve seen down at our local park and in our store with weepy eyes.  This is like if we get sleep in the corner of our eyes and it MUST be cleaned out every morning

Recently I had a 16wk Maltese x Shihtzu in my store for some training.  He had a build up of sleep inside his eyes, which I offered to clean out.  It had hardened so I suggested when they got home they give him a face bath to soften the sleep with just some warm water

Gently picking at the sleep I found a bindi!!! Omg those round prickly bindis are nasty.... especially if they get inside the eye.  I finally got it out and the puppy was very patient as I cradled him up side down in the crook of my arm

Doing this from an early age will be of huge benefit to you both... & help save on vet visits & bills

I love these natural products for Dogs that can help with allergy relief:

 Eye Clear

Natural Animal Solutions eye clear

Ear Clear

Natural animal solutions Ear clear

Natural Animal Solutions DigestaVita Plus for Dogs

Keep well & healthy

Jen 😊🐶🐶🐾



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