Turmeric health bites for dogs

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Turmeric Dog & Bites -
  • Liver & Turmeric Treat's
  • Natural & Tasty ingredients
  • Formulated for Maximum absorption
  • Great for Gut Health & Energy

Formulated by Australian turmeric Researcher and Veterinarian Dr. Doug English BVSc, these all-natural bites are a delicious and convenient way for your dog to enjoy their daily portion of turmeric.

Each bite is packed with the power of 697 mg of turmeric powder and an extra 24.4mg of curcumin concentrate. 1 serve is equal to 3/4 teaspoon of Dr Doug's Golden Paste.

Serves per pack: 30 bites for Big Dogs | 60+ Bites for Small Dogs.
Cut bites in 1/2 or 1/5 for smaller dogs & cats.

Made in Australia