Protexin Powder for dogs - Multi strain probiotic

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Protexin Powder - Multi-strain probiotic

Advanced multi-strain probiotic powder for animals and birds. Contains live viable microbes which benefit host animals by improving intestinal microbial balance. Every day use helps maintain a balanced digestive system, improving digestion and enhancing animal health, naturally. Safe, non-toxic and residue free. Compatible for use with worming product, coccidiostats, minerals, vitamins and some antibiotics.

Indicated for use
1. as an aid during periods of intestinal dysfunction (eg scouring, diarrhoea)
2. post-antibiotic therapy to assist re-establishment of gut microflora
3. to improve productivity and reduce mortality in poultry
4. as an aid in the establishment of gut microflora in immature animals, eg day old puppies and kittens
5. during periods of stress (transport, training, pregnancy, lactation, illness)
6. following animal husbandry procedures, eg vaccination, surgery, weaning, diet changes.

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