As we approach the Festive season of Christmas & New Year we “Pet-Parents” MUST ALL be aware of the ‘safety for our pets’

It’s a time when there is a lot of rich food around. Also guests who may not realise how dangerous it is to give the pleading eyes of Dogs any “unsuitable Human food”, must be made aware of caring for our Pets. Please instruct them NOT to feed your Dog/s is the safest thing to do!

CHRISTMAS safety tips

Please avoid feeding ANY:
- Cooked turkey or barbecue meats/sausages. These are often basted intheir own cooked fats, onion flavouring which are toxic for Dogs
- NEVER feed any cooked bones
- Grapes, raisins, currants or ANY dried fruits
- Cheese due to high fat and salt content. NO dairy ( plain yoghurt is fine )
- Pizza, bread, spaghetti ( meat sauce usually contains onions )
- Chocolate or sweets ( may contain xylitol which may cause liver failure,
seizures etc )
- Avocados
- Nuts, walnuts, macadamias
- Mushrooms

NEW YEAR’s Eve: Fireworks danger

- FIREWORKS: can really upset your Dog and it isn’t uncommon for Dogs to escape their property and end up lost, hit by a car or end up next day in a pound. So please ensure your Dog is secured inside your home/property. Dogs have been known to be so terrified and dig under fences or jump over them
- Giving your Dog our “Hemp seed oil” may provide some emotional support as it USA research states that it works on the receptors of the brain
The Hemp seed oil is available from our website:

FOOD SAFETY for New Year’s Eve:
- Same as above if there is a lot of festive-food around

Wishing you all amazing health Wags
Jenny Daicos



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