About Us

Dear Dog Lover,

As a Women’s wear Designer on a buying trip to Milan, Italy in 1998, the sight of a stylishly dressed Italian took my breathe away….it was a Dog not a Human! That Dog was wearing a well-fitting coat…nothing outrageous just looked fabulous and comfortable. This was my lightbulb moment!

Soon after I adopted my 1st puppy a Miniature Schnauzer Lili & couldn't find her a Quality Dogcoat …so YAP WEAR was born.

I waived ‘adios’ to my 25yrs Fashion Designing/Marketing days for ‘humans’. I still design its just that my customer now has 4-legs instead of 2, but receive the best Quality & service my biz can bring you.

The Dogs Mimi and I meet everyday out walking and in our YAP WEAR Melbourne store are a constant source of inspiration for our own range and how it constantly evolves.

We believe in respect for Dogs and have a passion to bring you the best Quality Dogwear & accessories…made in Australia. Our Philosophy is keep it simple, stylish and well made.

All of our products have a purpose, are easy to put and comfortable.

Proudly we support a number of local independent Rescue Groups for Dogs & donate a percentage of our profits to them.

We hope you and your Dog will love YAP WEAR as much as we enjoy bringing it to you….and we thank you for supporting Australian made.

Proudly Designed & Made in Australia….with Love & Passion.

Love Jenny xxx