Lenny's kitchen - Natural muesli for Dogs & Cats

Natural & complete muesli for dogs & puppies, cats & kittens

Lenny’s Kitchen Muesli is formulated in conjunction with renowned and respected Australian Vet, Dr Bruce Syme BVSc (Hons). Dr Bruce practices as an Integrative Vet, blending conventional and complementary therapies to achieve the best outcome. He has been a passionate advocate for raw, natural feeding for over 30 years.

Lenny’s Kitchen Muesli is carefully formulated to mimic the 'gut contents of prey' our dog's ancestors 'the grey wolf' would have eaten after hunting in the wild. This would have included bugs, plant matter incl leaves/herbs/grasses Even though our Dogs have evolved over 1000's of years into different breeds/sizes etc contains 18 air dried raw ingredients, including herbs, plants, vegetables, fruit, vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. We pride ourselves on sourcing local ingredients wherever possible.


Made in small batches

To remain true to our formula, provide consistent quality, freshness and preserve ingredient integrity, we choose to manufacture in small batches.

Ingredient integrity

We make our foods with only real, thoughtfully sourced ingredients. All pets deserve food that is safe and tasty to nourish the body and soul.

Made locally in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

To ensure freshness and ingredient integrity, we manufacture in Melbourne, Australia in a dedicated faciity with strict clean conditions

Feeding your Dog/Cat: RAW vs. PROCESSED food
What you feed your Dog is a very personal thing......based on many factors: incl time, cost, vet, friend or breeder suggestion etc.  If you are feeding your Dog a commercial dry kibble or wet roll/canned food these most often will contain preservatives ( chemicals ) salt and hidden sugars; all these additives often take existing hydration from the organs....and thats not a good thing!  Even if your Dog is drinking water after eating commercial food its similar to drinking water to quenching your thirst after eating salty pizza or fish n' chips!

As you may know I have my Mini Schnauzers & rescues a 100% RAW diet for 22 years incl.: raw variety of meats, eggs, Lenny's kitchen ( its like a bircher muesli for Dogs ), minced green veggies, Goat's yoghurt ( natural fermented probiotic ! ) Also only 100% natural treats & raw meaty bones

Apple cider vinegar ( after 2yrs helps to keep fleas away and anti bacterial ) all mixed together.  I have also successfully fed this to my many rescue Dogs with great success & seen a huge improvement in their health and mental behaviour.

Our girls also eat a lot of RAW bones including: lamb necks, chicken necks, duck wings. As long as they are RAW they are ok and I have fed raw bones to my Dogs over the past 24 years without a problem.  Raw bones provide calcium, protein and also help clean out the anal glands when your Dog poops out the residue!  Of course I ALWAYS monitor my Dogs when they are eating any bones

The RAW method of feeding provides a large amount of 'hydration' through their food......& that's a good thing!

wishing you all the best of health....


Jen & Team YAP

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