A good fitting harness - WHY it's SO important for your Dog?

Does your Dog wear a well designed, well fitting harness?  If not please have a think about purchasing one as you will be investing in your Dog's health, safety and wellbeing

If your dog is a serious puller and ends up choking themselves in a normal collar, they should definitely wear a harness. Severe pulling puts a lot of pressure on their trachea and can actually damage it!  Damage to the trachea is not reversible.

Dog Harness from YAP WEAR  Dog Harness from YAP WEAR  
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A well fitting harnesses will:

- actually discourage pulling; by switching to a harness you can more easily manage your dog

- redirect the pressure from any pulling to their chest (rather than throat) and prevent leash-pulling harm.

- help prevent your dog from slipping out. Be helpful for puppies that haven't learned to walk on a leash. Help avoid injury (such as throat damage) in small dogs who are more likely to pull or tug at the leash. Help prevent your dog's leash from getting caught under his legs.
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Dog harness safety and comfort tips 

When choosing a dog harness make sure you do your research so that you buy the best harness for your Dog

There are lots of different types including vests, head halter, anti-pull with a front clip (which can hinder shoulder movement if your dog is not leash trained and pulls), no-pull with a back clip (which is one of the safest harnesses and recommended for dogs with shorter necks such as pugs). 

Make sure that you know how to measure your dog for their harness so it’s the right size and that you know how to put the dog harness on so that it’s fitted correctly.

It should be tight enough to be secure so they can’t get loose, but loose enough to fit two fingers underneath it. A harness shouldn’t cause chafing or fur loss. If the back of it is moving from side to side or your dog is vehement they don’t want to go for a walk, something may be wrong with the harness. 

Dog Harness 
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Advantages of Harnesses
- Offers better control

- Keeps the tension away from the throat when the dog pulls
- Could discourage pulling
- A great training tool for puppies 


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