Enrichment toys for your Dog's mind & health....!

All our Dogs derived from the Grey wolf 1000's of years ago and have evolved to our loving family members. They still posess the same DNA as their Ancestors and have the instints to hunt, sniff and gether information from their environment & other Dogs ( thats why they sniff butts....lots of information comes out of there! )

Its important to stimulate our Dogs through their long hours inside by providing them with 'Enrichment" toys that will stimulate their need to forage.....as their ancestors did 

Our range of Snuffle balls are a fantastic way to help their foraging needs......made from strips and circles of polar fleece you simply tuck small treats inside and let them have hours of run rumaging through following their nose

Snuffle ball
Snuffle Ball

Made from anti-pill polar fleece; available in a mix of colour variations. A safe clean ball to throw around your hone without damaging walls!

These are fully washable....just pop into a large washbag. DO NOT tumble dry though!  Handmade in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA by Jennifer for Cocker Spaniel Rescue Australia

Snuffle Mat
Snuffle Mats


These are a range of fabulous ways to give treats or meals to your dog. Designed with different raised textures to stimulate the endorphins on your Dog's tongue.  A helpful way to aid stressed, anxious, bored and excess energy floofs!  We stock a large range of these in our store and online

Licki Mat Buddy Tuffy series
LickiMat - Tuff Series

My puppy loves his Lickimats are here's some suggestions that I make up:

- Mix up some fresh mince, goats yoghurt, grated zucchini, mashed pumpkin, sardines, mashed blueberries and smear across....and feed to your Puppy or Dog of any age.  I mix it up in a small bowl, smear it across and feed.  The choices are unlimited

I use Brunswick sardines  or tuna in spring water/no salt....all those fishy Omegas are so good for your dogs health!  Hydrating organs, joints,  heart and brain health!  

DITCH the peanut butter and try some healthy options as I've suggested above


In Summer you can also freeze the Lickimat for some extra cooling and hydration

Lickimat Slomo

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