As the hot weather approaches us here in Australia ( and many other parts of the World where you may be ) I’d like to talk about ‘hot weather safety’ for your Pets


1.Through water
One of the most critical things to remember is to keep your Dog hydrated. 

We all know we cant force our Dog/s to drink water so here’s some ways to encourage them:
- Make up some ice cubes with a little sprinkle of their favourite treat sprinkled inside. This could be dehydrated liver or chicken; then pop a few in their water bowl with their water
- Ensure water is always refreshed and we know from research now that filtered waters ( bottled, kettle boiled, water filter ) is better than tap water
- Leave additional bowls of water around your home/garden etc
- Using an empty ice-cream container add some water, then freeze, then add
some healthy treats, then add some more water. Freeze this then put a towel down on the floor with the frozen treat for your dog to lick and lie on
- Having your Dog’s centre belly area shaved will allow them to lie on the cool floorboards/tiles etc where it can reach their organs to cool them

Adding some raw minced green veggies to your Dog’s daily meals....even a tablespoon or 2 can make a significant difference to their hydration. The greens also provide vital nutrients and antibacterial benefits

If you have a Nutribullet or food processor wash some RAW green veggies incl: parsley, broccoli, spinach, box choy, zucchini, lettuce, cucumber etc and blitz it up. Fine veggies will be absorbed by the organs more easily and help to hydrate the organs.....and that’s a good thing for a Dog’s health

Then mix one or 2 tablespoons ( small to medium/large Dogs ) through any food

Please DO NOT walk your Dog in hot weather.

Its just not worth the risk!! The heat inside a car escalates much faster than outside & a Dog can expire within minutes. Their organs will be affected and then it is difficult to turn back from that

 NEVER walk Dogs in the heat:
- On the really hot days please remember that the footpaths/bitumen get very hot and can burn a Dog’s paw pads....try putting your naked foot on the ground!
- Limiting walks on these days is important and will not harm your Dog. Doing a quick toilet break in the shade is the best thing
- Keep your Dog inside in the cool, keeping shades/blinds closed to keep your home cooler

Wishing you all a Safe Summer
Jen, Mimi and Cookie xxx

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