How are your Dog's teeth?

Ralph a 4yr Weimaraner has clean teeth due to easy daily care. Healthy teeth and gums are vital to your dog’s wellbeing. Feeding them healthy food & treats keep your canine’s smile in sparkling shape. Here’s some natural products we stock that will help with your Dog’s Dental health ....

Milly a 5yr King Charles Cavalier munching on one of our bully stix

PLEASE AVOID:  Dental stix, Greenies, whimsies. Mostly their ingredients aren't healthy or offer teeth cleaning! etc as these are all highly processed & often made w/potato, Starch, wheat, sugar etc…. nothing good about those. PLEASE also avoid deer antlers, goat horns, cow hooves as these may cause dental fractures/damages.

Dental disease might be avoided with our recommended Healthy treats & food. Currently the cost for dental cleaning under anaesthetic may start from approx $700.00 up + extra $$$ for extractions. It’s important to check your dogs teeth regularly & have your vet check them at least once a year. Dental plaque can result in infections that can leech into your Dog’s blood stream & cause major health issues.

Contains a species of seaweed scientifically researched to help reduce plaque. Just add to food daily.  


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