New Puppy basics

How exciting you have a new puppy!!

puppies explore the World & their new environment with their mouths!  This is why they nip and bite!  This should be discouraged as the litter mum would never tolerate 


It’s important to allocate a defined toileting area for your new puppy.  Food and water 💦 bowls should be nearby the toilet area so your puppy doesn’t need to walk too far.  Early on puppy only has very weak bladder muscles and will need to toilet soon after eating/drinking/waking/playing 

Toileting puppies can be trained using:

- training pads/fake grass trays/garden areas 


Be careful when you are preparing your own food: chopping onions 🧅 garlic, macadamias, grapes 🍇.  Beware of any of these falling on the floor and your puppy snapping them up 


Puppies are naturally curious & the temptation of Human medications 💊 on a table or open handbag 👜 must be taken out of reach. Also kids school bags 💼 backpacks that might have leftover grapes 🍇 , sandwiches 🥪, chocolates  must be kept away


- Swimming pools fencing & balconies/fences must be assessed for any gaps that puppy could slip under. Any danger areas must be secured so pups don’t drown, fall or slip under fences 

Water 💦 bowls:

These should be in a few spots around your home 🏡 & garden 🪴 to provide vital hydration for puppies 🐶 and adult Dogs 🐕.  Top these up and clean bowls daily to avoid bacteria 🦠  or mould growing 


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