WHY checking your Dog's body daily is important?

As your lovely Dog is close to the ground, on their walks they will pick up lots of 'bits' from their environment: leaves, twigs, grass seeds, binds, dirt etc

Its vital to run your hands over your Dog everyday to check for anything that might be an obstruction caught in their paws, ears, coat, tail, lumps etc

Grass seeds & binds ( round spiky nasties ) can get caught in ears, paws, eyes

Using a good quality brush, comb and flea comb from a young age is a good idea.  For puppies checking daily their body on an empty stomach and using small treats as a reward will be helpful.  This is also a good strategy with a Rescue Dog to desensitise them to being handles in a positive way

Also giving your Dog a bath ( in-between grooming ) is also a good way to check their body for unusual lumps etc that may be needed to be checked by your vet

Recently I was training a 10wk Cavoodle and noticed a large amount of sleep around her tear ducts.  As I gently cleaned it away I found a lump on one eye which turned out to be a 'birdie' on her tear duct!!  As the Vets were only taking emergency visits during the Covid19 Lockdown, I took a cotton pad soaked in warm water to gently tease the bindie off.  Leaving on the eye could have resulted in it going into the eye/scratching the lens:(

wishing you brilliant health

wags Jenny, Mimi & Cookie XX

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