WHY does my Dog need to wear a coat or knit?

When I started my biz YAP WEAR in 1999 it was never a fashion statement...it was to keep my new puppy Lili warm and dry during the cold weather

Wearing something warm and protective can protect Dogs from: long term arthritis, kidney chills etc

Dogs that require grooming like my Mini Schnauzers will feel the cold as their body temperature drops and takes a few days to reclimatise

Senior Dogs are more prone to arthritis will benefit wearing one of our skivvies to sleep in and a raincoat for walks will help to keep their spine, joints and organs warm and protected

Dogs that live inside become accustomed to artificial heating so do feel the cold weather when they go outside

Dogs convalescing from an illness/surgery will feel comforted wearing something snuggly like one of our knits or skivvies

wishing you all a Warm Winter

wags.....Jen, Mimi and Cookie XXX

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