WHY HYDRATION is so important for your Dog?

Did you know that the right amount of hydration for your Dog is vital for their overall health?  This includes the health of their organs, joints, skin, fur & brain.....everything!  Its much more than just relying on our Dogs to drink enough water; just like us they can be lazy about drinking enough water

What you feed your Dog is a very personal thing......based on many factors: incl time, cost, vet, friend or breeder suggestion etc.  If you are feeding your Dog a commercial dry kibble or wet roll/canned food these most often will contain preservatives ( chemicals ) salt and hidden sugars; all these additives take existing hydration from the organs....and thats not a good thing!  Even if your Dog is drinking water after eating commercial food its similar to drinking water to quench your thirst after eating salty pizza or fish n' chips!

As you may know I feed my Mini Schnauzers Mimi and Cookie a 100% RAW diet including: raw variety of meats, eggs, Vets All Natural Complete mix ( its like a bircher muesli for Dogs ), minced green veggies, Goat's yoghurt ( probiotic ! ) Apple cider vinegar ( helps to keep fleas away and anti bacterial ) all mixed together.  I have also successfully fed this to my many rescue Dogs with great success & seen a huge improvement in their health and mental behaviour

Whether you are feeding Commercial or Raw adding some hydration also by a bone broth is an excellent idea.  We stock 'pet friendly' chicken & beef bone broth handmade in Australia by a professional chef who simmers the bones down over days as they return to minerals.  In a liquid form you can use it as a topper over your Dogs food......& its perfect to encourage fussy eaters or puppies!  It can also be frozen into ice cubes and frozen which can then be added to water bowls to encourage drinking.  

FUN TREAT IDEAS:  I have frozen a layer with some blueberries.....then added a layer of goat's yoghurt on top....frozen..... as Summer cooling treat.

The broth can be poured into goat horns and frozen as a treat to keep your Pooch occupied for hours:). My girls love these!

Our girls also eat a lot of RAW bones including: lamb necks, chicken necks, duck wings.  When I can find them I also feed them fresh Green Lipped Mussels & shark cartlidge.  As long as they are RAW they are ok and I have fed raw bones to my Dogs over the past 24 years without a problem.  Raw bones provide calcium, protein and also help clean out the anal glands when your Dog poops out the residue!  Of course I ALWAYS monitor my Dogs when they are eating any bones

The RAW method of feeding provides a large amount of 'hydration' through their food......& that's a good thing!

wishing you all the best of health....


Jen, Mimi, Cookie & Team YAP



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