Dog Socks - Red with non-slip back

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Each set contains 4 Dog Socks, with non-slip backs,

To measure Dog paws: Place Dogs front paw, standing up with full weight on blank piece of paper. Mark from the longest toe nail and come straight back to the back of the paw to make a second marking. Measure the distance between the two markings for the Paw length. Then measure the width of the Dog's paw to help select the correct sizing below.

Sizing Tip:
 Choose a size which fits the entire paw, including tow nails. A snug fit is best. Socks that are too large may slip off.

Breed examples are approximate guides only as paw sizes are not consistent within breeds.

M/L sold out 10.8cm

To help choose the correct size Coat, Skivvy or Knitwear for your Pooch, please measure your Dog's girth & spine length, then compare to the sizing guide in the product description.

To determine your Dog's spine length please measure from under where the collar sits, along the spine, to base of tail (as example below). Once you have your pooch's spine length measurement, then please compare your measurement to the products LENGTH for the best size match. If you're unsure it's best to go up one size.



Dog Socks - Red with non-slip back
Dog Socks - Red with non-slip back