Hemp seed oil - 100% Australian: human grade

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Our Hemp seed oil is 100% Australian grown & cold pressed. We buy our hemp oil directly from the farmers who grow it.  We were the first Australian retailer to sell hemp seed oil for Dogs; now with over 4 years of experience & fabulous testimonials 


Legalised in Australia in Nov 2017 & grown under strict Government regulations to ensure consistency.  

Contains no THC so won't get your Dog high!

Our customer feedback to date has included:

- reduced stress
- seizure relief 
- improved joint mobility

 Our hemp oil is :
- 100% Australian grown & cold pressed in Victoria from hemp seeds
- human grade
- contains Omegas 3 & 6
- excellent for healthy skin & coat
- known to aid digestion & weight loss
- may aid seizures, stress, arthritis and other joint issues
- not known to have any side effects

How to give to your Pet is easy ?
It’s very palatable & has a lovely walnuty taste!
- After meals toilet your pet
- Apply directly onto or under the tongue using the dropper
- May be given twice daily including last thing at night
- Can also be place onto a clean bowl or plate 😊

Recommended Daily Dosage:
Small Dog: 1-5kg: 3 drops twice a day.
Medium Dog: 6-9kg: 8 drops twice a day.
Large Dog: 10-25kg: 1 full dropper twice a day.
Double the dose after 1 week. Place on the tongue or clean plate away from food.

200ml dropper bottle

YAP WEAR Hemp seed oil a Registered TM belonging to Comma Design Pry Ltd


To help choose the correct size Coat, Skivvy or Knitwear for your Pooch, please measure your Dog's girth & spine length, then compare to the sizing guide in the product description.

To determine your Dog's spine length please measure from under where the collar sits, along the spine, to base of tail (as example below). Once you have your pooch's spine length measurement, then please compare your measurement to the products LENGTH for the best size match. If you're unsure it's best to go up one size.



Hemp seed oil  - 100% Australian: human grade
Hemp seed oil  - 100% Australian: human grade
Hemp seed oil  - 100% Australian: human grade