Petchar - mineral activated charcoal dietary supplement

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PETCHAR® is an Australian quality-certified Gut Balancer for dogs, cats and all pet animals, to support digestion, condition, behaviour, and immunity. Australian Made

Petchar maintenance dose: TAP JAR LIGHTLY to sprinkle a Very Small Amount of Petchar on one fresh feed, every day or second day.
Virtually no taste or smell: Most animals do not notice Petchar in their feed.
Economical: Using such tiny amounts of Petchar means a jar could last over a year for a pet, making it very cost-effective.
Feeds & other supplements: Petchar has almost no nutritional value so it may be provided with all quality feeds and other supplements, as desired.
Duration: The very small suggested doses of Petchar may be maintained all year to help sensitive animals long term.
Supply with: a quality, diverse diet, fresh water, companionship, shelter and exercise.

PETCHAR® dietary supplement may assist all types of domestic pets — for chickens, birds, goats, alpacas, pigs, horses, calves and lambs.

For Animal Consumption Only.
Certified and feed-safe Natural mineral clay and Organic charcoal.
Race safe. Contains no restricted animal materials.
Worming: Withhold Petchar for 3 days — the day before, day of, and the day after.
With vet medication: Ask your vet — supplying Petchar in alternate feeds or times to medications may be accepted. If problems persist, contact your vet.
Close Lid and Store Safely when not in use. Avoid inhalation and contact with skin and eyes.

Size: 80g min net.

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